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All dressed up with nowhere to travel? That was the statement of 2020 with a global pandemic that left people uneasy, tense, and barred indoors with utterly nothing to do. Still, some attraction has come out of the lockdown, and it’s excellent news for weed enthusiasts. Because of the pandemic, marijuana dispensary has never been so attractive! That’s right, weed is all the rave these days, buy medical marijuana online even more than alcohol.

Due to COVID-19, more people smoke weed, vape it, and dab it while sharing cannabis with friends, families, and coworkers. And what’s more suitable during this time than to share weed and all its glory?

So what are some clever ways people puff weed with friends while also being protected and socially distancing? Well, one of them begins with a zoom session and ends with a relentless case of munchies. So get cozy on your couch, and pass the blunt. Here are a few other inventive ways people share their love of weed, even in times of COVID-19.

Virtual Smoking Gatherings are Great for Sharing Cannabis

Let’s be frank. The Covid-19 pandemic is damaging to people’s mental health worldwide, and the stats confirm it. For example, a study written in The Health Foundation discovered that more than two-thirds of adults in the UK (69%) report feeling somewhat or very worried about the effect COVID-19 is having on their life.

Yet, cannabis products are making it more tolerable for some. Cannabis New World shared this year that several studies have expressed more people are using or have upped their use of cannabis since COVID-19. With so many weed lovers to go around, how are people sharing it with others amidst a pandemic? With virtual toking sessions, of course!

Cannabis use during COVID-19 has made virtual smoking sessions an intelligent way to share cannabis passion with loved ones while exercising social distancing, which makes it a perfect way to appreciate a little bud and the company of companions in a safe place.

In the virtual smoking session, it’s good to have some activities laid out (Cards Against Humanity, toke shop anyone?). Or, if you want to have a great old chat, plan out several talking features beforehand. In other words, try to avoid complex or challenging topics like diplomacies or diving into relationship drama since that can ruin an excellent high. Instead, try to retain virtual smoking gatherings light. Have fun, and enjoy a bit of a break from stress.

Bake Up Some Cannabis Edibles

With many dining businesses closed, people only have two hands, a skillet, and a stove. But, unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many into the kitchen to revisit their cookery skills. It is probably safe to believe you’ve learned to cook a recipe or two. So why not try getting your hands floured and bake some weed edibles.

Edibles are usually produced with a higher potency cannabis extract, thus leaving consumers with a powerful and extra deep mind and body high. With that said, edibles are incredible because a tiny bit goes a long way.

Making cannabis edibles at home with your roomie or family can be a pleasure and inventive way to share weed. There are many DIY weed recipes to explore. Moreover, you can purchase weed concentrates online, and the dispensary will specify their dosage, so you will know precisely how much to add to your cannabis-infused edibles.

Whether cakes, Brownies, Cookies, or Weed gummies, anything is possible for weed edibles. Plus, it may be a wholesome experience and a way to share weed among friends and family during uncertain times.

Have A Discord Movie Night

Hosting a discord movie night is an excellent way to social-distance while sharing a love for some cannabis. Besides discord, several excellent services let you stream and synchronize viewing time with your friends and family. You can plan the event by asking everyone to roll a joint, pack a bowl, or prepare their vapes beforehand. You can also make a ballot to choose a movie.

Now sit back and unwind and have a giddy virtual movie night without ever leaving the couch – except when you got the munchies.

Why Sharing Weed Is Forever A Great Concept

In non-covids past, we could dial up our friends or family, welcome them over to share a blunt or a vape sitting, and not have to worry about swapping saliva or not social distancing.

Yet, sharing weed with friends and family seems different these days. But that hasn’t prevented people from developing clever ways to communicate. Whether it be a weed-inspired Discord server or watching top 10 stoner films to watch when high on weed with your friends, technology has made it more comfortable to share weed with loved ones online.

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