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Aplicaciones y Juegos Java [Megapost] - Descargar Gratis No Iranian strikes have resulted in deaths among the American military, their foreign or Iraqi allies, Trump said. The CNN news channel conducted an analysis after the Iranian missile strikes to prove that the Iranian attacks were not aimed at killing any American soldier for fear of an angry response from Washington. It seems that the Iranian regime, by strike, wanted to calm its supporters in Iran who had pressed for the response to Soleimani’s death, as he feared an American response that he could not bear. Many analysts believe that Iran responded quickly to satisfy the public opinion in the country, while choosing at the same time to be a gradual response to avoid a widespread confrontation with the United States, its historical enemy. Iran bombed ballistic missiles at dawn Wednesday, two bases in Iraq where American soldiers are stationed in response to the killing of the commander of the “Quds Force” Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad five days ago.

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The holes all over the plane prove it was shot down, and all of the entry holes come from above. There is no video of a missile plume going up yet and all the holes in the plane happened from above. Who’s going to be your emperor regarding porno online services? In the interim between the notice I was going to post about what is going to happen with Iran, Iran attacked American bases in Iraq and the fallout from this was not what I expected. According to media, the rockets were launched from inside Iran, specifically from the city of Kermanshah, which is about 525 km from the capital, Tehran. The Iranian news agency Tasnim reported that a Boeing 737, belonging to the Ukrainian Airlines, landed shortly after take-off from the Imam Khomeini airport in Iran, with 180 passengers on board. And then there’s THIS: I find it VERY suspicious a Ukranian plane got shot down with Ukranians on board when Hunter&co is about to bite it. It was not mechanical failure and it was not a bomb on board.

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