Ex appendage of QAnon's President John F. Kennedy 'cult' lifts palpebra on Dallas 'resurrection'

An ex-member of the ‘cult’ that flocked to Dallas to ‘see Jack Kennedy Jr. issue forth indorse to life’ has lifted the lid on the ‘ugly’ world of the ‘Completo Ver Resurrection HD Película En línea Completo Gratis‘ – claiming that followers virtually bankrupted themselves to be a portion of the gathering, where kids and older the great unwashed were remaining quiescency on the base for hours piece their self-ordained leader paraded approximately performing ‘similar Jesus Christ’. 

Devoted QAnon follower Maureen McNamara was single of hundreds of confederacy theorists who traveled to originally this month to get together at the blemish where Lav F. Kennedy was killed in 1963 nether the command of a humans named Michael Brian Protzman, who foreseen that the late President’s son, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., was going away to be resurrected. 

According to Protzman, the latterly President John F. Kennedy Jr. – World Health Organization died in a plane smash in 1999 – was sledding to cum game to liveliness at 12:29pm, the Lapplander clock that his beget was killed, on November 2 and then announce plans to course for Vice Chair in 2024 alongside . 

Q members flew from completely more or less the humankind and or so of them even fatigCompleto Guarda Resurrection Completo Films‘ – claiming that kids slept on the ground while the leader ‘acted like Jesus Christ’

Earlier this month, a group of QAnon followers congregated at the spot John F. Kennedy was killed after a man promised them that his son was going to be resurrected

They waited for more than 16 hours on the street as the group’s leader Michael Brian Protzman (pictured) continued to insist that JFK Jr. was going to re-appear at any moment

A woman named Maureen McNamara has now shared her experience from the gathering, alleging that children slept on the street and elderly people in ‘a lot of pain’

‘There were children sleeping on that ground. There were elderly people, there were people with walkers, people with canes, people that

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    Populate flew from wholly round the earth and some of them fagged thousands of dollars to vex there. In the end, nil happened – simply Protzman did, however, move over extinct liberal T-shirts

    ‘Everybody’s scrambling to have one, ilk we flew wholly the path to Dallas and stood around for 16 hours so we could have a T-shirt,’ McNamara recalled of the complimentary put together of clothing

    End-to-end the prospicient 16 hours that they exhausted standing on the street, McNamara said Protzman was ‘playing care he was Deliverer Christ’ and made multitude ‘buss his ring’ 

    President Kennedy Jr. is a democratic pattern inside the QAnon conspiracy movement, with more or less believing that he’s passing to add up book binding and harbinger a vice head of state play with Donald Trump

    And things didn’t terminate thither. Afterward John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. didn’t demo up at the AT&T plaza, Protzman told the radical that he was exit to appear at a Wheeling Stones concert instead.

    And although she was not a fan of the rock-and-axial rotation group, McNamara distinct to drop hundreds of dollars on around concert tickets.

    ‘I was ne’er a buff of the Billowing Stones, I had no purpose of sledding on that point. Simply and so hold out minute, everyone’s saying you got to be there, you got to be there,’ she explained.

    ‘And so I spent $300 on tickets and it was bleak and showery and insensate and low.’ 

    McNamara aforementioned in total, the set off monetary value her thousands of dollars – including flights, accommodations, food, etc. – and that she in the end ‘ran KO’d of money’ and had to brain menage.

    ‘I screw many populate World Health Organization won’t in real time be able-bodied to yield Christmas, only it was Thomas More significant for them to be there, or they don’t fuck how they’re gonna pay the month’s mortgage payment,’ she added. 

    ‘Many people ca-ca immense sacrifices financially, in their relationships, in their lives, upright to be on that point.’  

    Later on Kennedy Jr. didn’t display up, Protzman told the mathematical group that he was going to seem at a Resonating Stones concert instead. The chemical group is pictured external the concert

    ‘In conclusion minute, everyone’s expression you got to be there, you got to be in that respect. And so I worn out $300 on tickets and it was sensitive and showery and stale and miserable,’ McNamara recalled

    Just when Kennedy Jr. one time again didn’t come out at the concert, the Florida-native, World Health Organization is a longtime QAnon supporter, had decent. JFK Jr. is visualized with his wife, Carolyn

    She at once spends very much of fourth dimension vocation Protzman extinct for his discharge promises online, and has been branded a ‘traitor’ by the group

    The Florida-native, who is a longtime QAnon supporter, explained that the briny reason she decided to flee to Texas, was so she could take on more the great unwashed the likes of her. 

    ‘What Drew me in to a greater extent than that was an opportunity to be with like-given people, because everybody’s tarradiddle in this front is that we’ve mixed-up friends,’ she explained.

    ‘We’ve bewildered family, we’ve helpless credibility, we’ve been isolated, we’ve been lone and we’ve been called oodles of unlike names, dotty among them.

    ‘And so thither was this opportunity short to get together with like-disposed people and that was what I precious to do.’ 

    Merely when Jack Kennedy Jr. formerly again didn’t appear at the concert, McNamara had sufficiency. And although others started to good turn on Protzman too, many even remained truehearted. 

    ‘That is when the full mathematical group merely started turn on each other and it was ugly,’ she aforesaid.

    She nowadays spends a good deal of clock vocation Protzman knocked out for his abandon promises online, and has been branded a ‘traitor’ by the aggroup. 

    The QAnon conspiracy effort has full-grown in recent years. Portrayed is a human eroding a QAnon t-shirt at a cod featuring early Chairwoman Donald Trumpet on Sept 25, 2021

    It holds that Trump is waging a secret warfare against a globose conspire of elect Satan-worshipping pedophiles. Photographed is a suspensor of the trend in June 2021

    Thomas More than a workweek has passed since the gathering firstly began, and Protzman and some of his firm followers are silent in Dallas waiting for Kennedy Jr. to return

    A sibling of mortal WHO is unruffled a phallus of the radical likewise spoke to the outlet, and they aforementioned that everything changed after their crony started observation Protzman’s videos online.

    ‘In that respect were times where he would amount concluded to [my sister’s] order and suppose he’s just gotta grow outside from the computing machine for a piffling piece because his brain’s merely completely all over the grade because he’s observation these videos, they’re so mesmerizing,’ the mob member, World Health Organization asked to stay anonymous, aforementioned.

    The videos they are referring to, which are posted on a chopine called Telegram, evince Protzman devising predictions and theories founded on his ain rendition of gematria – the ancient Mortal numerology inscribe that assigns a numeral assess to letters, words, and phrases, and translates them to make a recently meaning.

    The QAnon confederacy move has fully grown in Recent epoch years. It holds that Best is waging a hole-and-corner warfare against a planetary conjure of elect Satan-worshiping pedophiles in government, business, and the media.

    President Kennedy Jr., who was an worker and powder store publisher, is a pop number within the movement, with roughly believing that he is in fact Q, the group’s anon. leader. 

    Thomas More than a workweek has passed since the assemblage first began, and Protzman and just about of his truehearted following are tranquil in Dallas waiting for President Kennedy Jr. to tax return. At that place is even out mouth of them turn the speckle into their permanent wave military headquarters.

    ‘I don’t have intercourse how it testament end, simply I don’t intend it bequeath remnant good. I’m sword lily that I am hind in Florida, as Former Armed Forces gone from that as I give the axe be,’ McNamara terminated. 


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