Chimney Caps – The Pros And Cons

Chimney caps have numerous functions. Nearly all the flues require caps or terminations to protect the crown from rains to go inside. Rain can damage the fireplace and even break walls. These caps keep the birds away from building nests within chimneys. Moreover, This addition to your chimney is essential for metal chimneys because they are made up of two or three metal layers and have embedded air between them.

Within the absence of a custom flue cap, water and moisture can destroy metal. Largely, caps are installed on the time of set up by the manufacturers. This is one of the best time to install the product because you need not check its size and shape moreover, It’s often made from the same model and provide best protection to your home.

Generally, you might require installing a new customized cap onto your flue whenever you face wind problems or draft, worn out caps and unavailability of original producer’s product. If you’re facing high intensity of wind problems then your best option will be of vacuum caps which are specially designed that will help you in your draft (wind) problems. Professional sweeps can best describe your needs and might provide you with a custom solution.

The perfect option about your new cap is to use the same model as of your put in chimneys. Customized caps are different option within the absence of branded caps from the producer of your metal flue. A number of the metal flues are of “air cooled” by venting them on the top. Be sure, not to close the venting slots of these metal flue options because that can lead to the house fire. It’s essential to choose special caps for these products that assure proper cooling.

Cons of Chimney Caps:

An improperly designed cap can lead to draft restriction and may reduce the draft. Caps with small screening turn out to be blocked because of creosote and soot after heavy use. Clogging of screen in caps leads to reduce performance of your fireplace. Sometimes, Creosote can gather into the caps that can run down outside of your chimney structure. This leakage can cause discoloration. often caps can even blow off or can even destroy in heavy winds. Replacement or reinstallation of a new cap can cause additional expenditures to you.

Pros of Chimney Caps:

Chimney caps avoid from birds and raccoons to build nests into your walls. These caps protect your flues from moisture & rains to get inside your chimney and in addition keep the smell away from your home. These caps protect the crowns and shed ice from them and prolong the life span of crowns. Moreover, these caps enhance the draft particularly in the region of heavy winds.

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