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‘Night Sky’: That Cliffhanger Explained and Lingering Questions Answered

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  is definitely not the most high-octane of sci-fi thrillers, 방콕골프 but that season 1 finale went out with a bang. Franklin and Irene York (an immense J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek) worked through their hardships and now they’re ready to take on the next chapter… in outer space.

Slide on your diving helmets and take a giant leap into this ending explainer. Plus, let’s look at lingering questions we still need answered.

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Adam Bartley looks out a window.

Byron (Adam Bartley) has his head in the stars.

Amazon Studios

Byron is still missing in action

After Byron convinces his new pal Frank to let him go out into the open on the alien planet, he inevitably ventures beyond the point where Frank’s walkie-talkie can reach his. Frank goes to the observatory and tries to call Byron once again, but no dice. Where the heck did Byron go? (We have a pretty good idea based on that big final reveal.)

‘What’s out there on that planet?’

Frank asks Jude that exact question, and Jude’s sneaky reply is, “Nothing.” Come on, Jude, we know you’re lying.

Toni discovers the identity of her father (sort of)

There’s much talk about Toni inheriting her family’s legacy, but no one really does her the courtesy of explaining what that means. Well, until Cornelius (Piotr Adamczyk) — and yes, it took until the final episode for us to even learn Cornelius’ name — obliges for his own benefit.

“You are so close to God, and you don’t even realize it,” he says. Caleb, Cornelius reveals, is Toni’s father, which is probably why Stella went cold when Nick brought him up earlier. Where is Caleb? Apparently in a place called Caerul — a whole other mystery. At least we know Cornelius wants to take Toni there.

Toni and her mother Stella face each other inside a chamber.

Stella (Julieta Zylberberg) has been keeping Toni (Rocío Hernández) in the dark about the Guardians.

Chuck Hodes/Amazon Studios

Stella finds who she’s looking for

The person — not thing — Stella and Nick had been looking for all this time is Jude, 방콕골프 aka the Apostate. This is the word for someone who abandons their religion or faith, something that saw Jude end up killing another man to escape. In order to protect the Yorks, Jude gives himself up to Stella, who we discover is a Guardian. Her mission: Kill the Apostate.

As they have a not-so-friendly chat, Jude reveals that he knows Stella. She was introduced to his mother when he was a little boy. A ceremony was taking place, presumably something to do with the Guardians, because Jude goes on to taunt Stella: “I never really understood the Guardians. All that sacrifice. For what? To protect something that they’ll never truly be a part of.”

Stella and Toni do a Thelma and Louise

Ultimately refusing to kill Jude and 방콕골프 appease Toni, Stella chooses to run from the Guardians. She and Toni commit to leaving their home in Argentina — commit to leaving their community and faith behind. This puts them in grave danger, but at least they have a bargaining chip: The tied-up Cornelius, whom they can give up to stop the Guardians chasing after them.

Jude has a road map

Jude finds an address from his father, Gabriel, in his copy of The Count of Monte Cristo, which he left for Jude at Hannah’s B&B. Jude punches the coordinates — written in what looks like an alien language — into the chamber’s control panel, hoping they’ll lead him and his new travel companion Denise straight to his father. They enter the chamber and end up all the way in Thailand, somewhere in Bangkok.

Jude sits on the couch in the Yroks' living room, reading The Count of Monty Cristo.

What an interesting book, in more ways than one.

Chuck Hodes/Amazon Studios

Who the hell is Hannah?

We already knew the chatty host of the B&B wasn’t who she seemed — surely none of her guests bargain for a secret surveillance room and a behind-the-scenes worker monitoring the York’s activities. After she and the rest of her mysterious cohort upend Stella and Toni’s van, Hannah speaks with Cornelius, and we discover Hannah is another escaped Apostate. “Welcome to the Fallen World,” Hannah says creepily. What does she have in mind for Stella, Toni and Cornelius?

A dive into space

Not learning from Byron’s overconfidence, Frank heads out across the alien planet’s rocky terrain beyond the reach of Irene’s walkie-talkie. He discovers a dead man wearing an old-fashioned looking shirt with big stitches. A knife is sticking out of his torso. Frank then takes a nap when his air suddenly runs out, before Irene comes to his rescue.

Then comes the big reveal: Irene and Frank, able to breath the air without an oxygen tank, hear the far-off sound of ringing bells and look out over the next ridge at a beautiful civilization semi-encased in domed walls. Could this city be Caerul? It certainly looks like it could be a kind of promised land, given to people by a god.

Plenty of lingering questions

That finale tees us up nicely for a big second season (though there’s no official green light just yet), which could see the Yorks and Co. track down the various missing people who’ve traveled across Earth through chambers or 방콕골프 to the mysterious planet. Byron, Gabriel and Caleb all have worried family members searching for their whereabouts.

Hannah could be the new villain of season 2, even if she also fights against the Guardians. And what about those old coins? Do they come from the alien planet? Finally, in general, we still don’t really know the purpose of the chambers. All we do know is they’re all connected like a network of doorways. What’s the bigger picture here?

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Announcing the agreement on its official website, Deborahiz suomen pelipaita jalkapallo KirbyNoth the EFL wrote: ‘The exclusive partnership, which will run until at least the end of the 2022/23 season, sees the competition, become known as the ‘Papa John’s Trophy’ messi psg tröja with immediate effect.

But his homecoming turned into a nightmare as West Ham produced their brilliant comeback during the time when he was on the pitch, and the Deborahiz suomen pelipaita jalkapallo KirbyNoth Welshman also squandered a golden opportunity just moments before Lanzini’s equaliser.

Wenger thinks the host nation will have a great chance of making it through to the latter stages of the competition, having been impressed with the emerging pool of talent that has been coming through in MLS and European football over the past few years.

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Sanchez would probably have commanded a market value of around £60m had it been a conventional move with United agreeing to an absurd salary to sign him. Having flopped at Old Trafford, he is now at Inter Milan.

His contract ran down and he left for Juventus on a free at the end of the 2018-19 season, agreeing an extraordinary ShariNica 455 Liverpool Tröja Yvonne – Profile – Bible Rally Forum BeatrizCo £400,000-a-week contract that made him the highest-earning British player ever.

At least Arteta has involved him this season, almost exclusively in the UEFA Europa League, but with his contract set to liverpool tröja expire in the summer, Mustafi will be another expensive purchase let go for nothing.

Arteta said on Thursday that his 31-man squad had become ‘unmanageable’ which explains some of the ShariNica 455 Liverpool Tröja Yvonne – Profile – Bible Rally Forum BeatrizCo more recent departures. Though it’s a hectic fixture list this season, it is simply impossible to keep everyone happy in an oversized squad.

And Lille could play ball if the price is right this month, with club president Olivier Letang previously confessing that they wouldn’t stand in Sanches’ way if a big club were to come in for him.

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Bayern were, in fact, one of the clubs who were keen on signing Samuel Iling-Junior in the summer of 2020 when SidneyCas psg drakt AlmedaHol it became clear that he would not be signing a new deal with his boyhood club.

Bonatti has been most impressed by Iling-Junior’s dribbling and shooting ability, and Juve are now keen to have him play more off the right so as to allow the 17-year-old to cut inside and fire off efforts on goal with more regularity.

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There have been lows, including a 2016 Champions League final loss to Real Madrid, in which he failed to save a penalty in the decisive shootout, but many more highs. For example, a triple save against Bayer Leverkusen in March 2017, beating away the first shot before throwing himself to his left and then his right, is the most AudreaGos Frankrike Fotbollströja MonroeSie concise demonstration of goalkeeping greatness in the competition’s recent history.

Marca says Nehuen Perez is in Italy finalising a loan move to Serie A club Udinese, while Santiago Arias is also sverige tröja 2022 set to head out on loan to Granada. The pair will be the only departures in this window.

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Meanwhile, Simeone went charging down to the assistant referee after Matheus Cunha AudreaGos Frankrike Fotbollströja MonroeSie rolled around on the turf in stoppage time, before the Argentine boss snubbed a handshake with Guardiola at full-time.

After parting ways with Diego Costa last month, the Spanish side signed Moussa Dembele on loan for the remainder of the season but are looking for a more permanent option with Suarez also coming to the end of his career.